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Greensboro Daily Photo NORTH CAROLINA, USA

Laurencio Carlos Ruiz visiting artist/puppeteer at Elsewhere Artist Collaborative, unleashed these paper balloons on the lawn at Center City Park in front of the Davie Street Cultural Arts Center. If you look above the rightmost balloon, you can see the roof of the Cultural Arts Center peeking out. Part of July's First Friday activities, the balloons were located on the very spot where many of the Fun Fourth festivities will take place over the next three days. One person commented that they looked like something out of a Road Dahl novel. A Kindergarten teacher said they reminded her of colored pencils. At any rate, children and adults alike enjoyed running between the balloons, peeking inside them, letting their imaginations run wild around them, and having their photo taken with the festive display. Let this be another example of why one should never sit home alone on First Friday with so much happening in downtown Greensboro.

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